Nordic Walking

Listen to the soft sound of walking on the moss or the tapping sound that marks rapid and decisive steps. The sensations are amplified holding the Nordic walking poles. This primordial walk, where the arms come into play, according to many practitioners awakens the senses and even the atavistic memories.

Someone has noticed that, leaning the upper part of the body to the poles, a direct connection is opened between the earth and the head, between nature and thought. It is convinced that those who are no longer able to separate themselves from this harmonic rhythm that, by activating all the muscles of the body, gently empty the mind. Step by step, the back regains its upright position and the neck and shoulder muscles relax.As the walker pushes the poles down, the earth "responds" by pushing its whole body upwards. Change the posture, change the look.

Everything becomes simpler. Ideas and insights arise. The delicate reflections of a stream or the more daring ones of a sunset in the Dolomites, take shape and taste. Nordic walking is practiced on slight slopes, between forest roads that wind into the woods, but also between high altitude paradises such as the Passo Lavazè.

From mid-June to mid-September. Rental of poles included.

Booking with Italian School Instructor by 12.00 am of the day before by phone 342-5685982

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